Episode 07: Okinawa's Underwater Paradise

Episode 07: Okinawa's Underwater Paradise

About this episode

In this episode, Australian dive master Emma leads the group on a quest to discover the mind-blowing beauty under Okinawa’s sparkling emerald sea and find the majestic manta rays of Ishigaki! The journey begins at the Churaumi Aquarium, where the sight of gigantic whale sharks and manta rays gets the group pumped for scuba diving on Ishigaki Island! After visiting a dive shop, the group hits the water, where no one can get enough of the warm, crystal-clear ocean teeming with diverse marine life. Emma’s challenge is to get everyone underwater, but she faces an unexpected hurdle. Will everyone complete their dive? Will anyone see a manta ray? Tune in to find out!

Featured Traveller

Emma Burdett
Scuba Diver


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